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1 marzo 2008
People I wanna meet
I hope to meet: people with passion and humor and wisdom and motivation and goals and dreams and a love of life. clowns. People who find pleasure in simple things. people who have something to teach me, as well as a deep desire to learn from me. people who hate mustard. and can make me laugh. people who like to play. and explore. hippies. people who make you think. real people. people who can love. people who don't follow the crowd. people who create things. people who love animals and plants and exploring the world -- every last corner of it. smart people. kind people. old people who hold hands. babies. people who love themselves. people who appreciate.people who know how to use chopsticks because I am a desaster in. people who try new things, but fail, then try again. people who wave. people who like camping. and hiking. and the polar bear. family. people who volunteer and join clubs. and read. people who like GOOD music, not just mainstream music. people who show me that music. people who don't live to compete, but live for the joy of the sport. people who love to learn..well after they're out of school. people who play catch phrase and drink cabernet savignon wine and who like to try new restaurants. or afgano or incas, cause that's good too. people who go on walks when it's dark outside or in the rain or at 3am or in sweatpants and house shoes or sleepers and socks from "lungomare" home. people who love my artsy-weirdness, and who can appreciate the opera (or classical music) like i do (or don't). people who multi-task. people who have found their other half and can tell me what it feels like to be on the other side. one foot wet, mud up to my ass. people who love walk by holding hands on the hill. people who fight for what they are passionate about. people who surprise me. people who buy loved clothing. and who believe in things they've never seen. nostalgics. people who climb lots of stars!!

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